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"Upon graduating from University I didn't have a job and wasn't very sure what I was going to do. I listened to Alicia at a live event talking about Freelancing online.
I've heard about it many times, but I never thought it was "legit", but after hearing Alicia talk about all of the success stories of her students, I figured I would give it a try.
It was a slow start, but then I got a client that I earned over $5,000 from just this one client and then I was hooked. Now I have regular clients and I consistently get new clients all the time. I just got an order for $760 for some Virtual Assistant work. Thanks again, and it's safe to say this is "legit" ! "
- Winne C
"I'm a mom of three girls and thanks to Alicia and Lorette, I am able to be work from anywhere and be my own boss!
I've been going back and forth from part time jobs and its very difficult to juggle that along with taking care of the girls.
I am so thankful now because I am a full time freelancer and I can create my own schedule."
"At first, I was a bit skeptical since everybody is now selling classes online claiming to be a master.
But then I did my research and found out Alicia and her team are real life masters at what they do.
These are people that I've met and done business with in person and virtually so the trust is very strong.
Since attending their training, I've been able to pay utility bills and do grocery shopping for the house despite not being the breadwinner. I've made enough to save, treat myself and sustain my lifestyle. Thank you once again for opening my eyes to this opportunity.
~ Paul 
"I am so thankful for Alicia & her amazing team. I've learned so much from them and I love being part of the community.
As of now, I've made over $50,000 USD with my online business and I love every minute of it!
I had trouble in the past with regular "9-5" jobs, so this has allowed me to work from anywhere and on my own time.
There is no limit to my success."
~ Racquel

"I never thought this would be possible!"

"A big thank you to Alicia and her team for helping me get to where I am now. I was making $380 USD a month trying to survive and raise two kids, it was pretty much impossible.
I borrowed money to do your training and now I consistently make over $4,000 per month. For the month of May I've made $4,800. I only work about 90 minutes a day since I have a team that works for me.
My life has changed thanks to you. I am currently building a house and just opened my own Internet Cafe & Shipping business. I will forever be grateful to the opportunity you've provided to myself and my family."
~ Layten Pryce 
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